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    1. [IMG=expandable: ]http://i.epvpimg.com/4osKd.png[/IMG]
      Hello we would like to present you our new Server ''Dark-Road''
      our idea is to give you the best gameplay you ever had, our network is based Trade run's, Job War's,Uniques,CTF and Battle Arena.
      Ofcourse we provide you a Fair Server,Play2Win and balanced server.
      Join us if you want to give it a chance Money Isn't Our Goal Just Give a Try.
      GRAND OPENING: 23.12.2016 - 18:00 GMT


      I have been around in silkroad since 2007, and playing actively since that. I started to managing private servers from 2011 till now. So im pretty much experienced in private server and this is my first own private server which consists of 3 other members.
      The server is well protected (hyperfilter), lagless with no down times. We constantly bring new updates and listen to our user's requests for updates.

      Our goal
      Our aim is to make this server long-term, its mid/low rates with coin system. We have these rates to keep our users leveling like old times unlike some other servers where you reach max level in 15min. Its play2win with alot events happening daily. We do our best to keep our users satisfied, the staff is always quick to response if any kind of help is needed,and when u mention other 3 staffs, write their names and what they do like
      • Master Event [GM] Pirate Media&Marketing Director
      • King Of Notices [GM]Borkan Imperfect And the developer of the game
      • Game Assistant [GA] Obscure

      Level Cap|120
      Game System|Pve
      Race|EU / CH
      EXP Rate|40x
      Gold Rates|40x
      Silks | 1H/1Silk
      PC Limit| Unlimited
      Union Limit|6
      Guild Limit|50
      Coin Rate|30x
      Alchemy rate|5x
      Max Pluses| +12 advanced
      Stones Dropping|Yes
      Alchemy Mats drop|Yes
      Fortress|Bandit and Jangan
      DDoS / Exploit Protection|Yes
      Job PC Limit|2
      Fortress PC Limit|2
      Server Slots|2000
      Boting| Yes


      Server is based on coin system, there are 4 types of coins, Gold and Server And SilkCoin [/B]And Arena.[/B]
      Server And Gold are basically needed for everything, such as Weapon Sun . Arena coins are needed for Item Sun , SilkCoin Are needed For Honar Buff.

      Fortress War
      we have Bandit,Hotan and Jangan enabled.

      This is important as we have customized it for our users. You can get 1.2b by doing trade from Jangan to Hotan, Hotan to Jangan. For each success trade you get 5 Copper Coin . You have to be level 120 to get the reward, and you have to relog after you completed the trade.

      CTF and Battle Arena
      This is another way to get Arena Coin. For each match you get gold coins

      All Uniques in Map
      Uniques in Map drops good amount of gold And Server Coin

      [IMG=expandable: 1]http://i.epvpimg.com/Q5FCc.png[/IMG]

      Coins are important currency in our server, there are 4 types Arena and Gold And Server And Silk Coins. Both can be gained by several ways and both are equally useful. Arena coins can be used for almost everything such as for Item Sun gears, premium etc. There is a custom npc where you can buy alot of stuff for it. Gold And Server Coins is needed for Weapon Sun, To buy Weapons stuff you need both Arena and gold And Server Coins
      Silk Coins Can be used for Buy Honor Buf.

      How to get Arena Coin ?
      تسجيل or to view Spoiler content!

      How to get Silk Coin ?

      [IMG=expandable: 1]http://i.epvpimg.com/0BWyeab.jpg[/IMG]

      Hot Get Gold And Server Coins ?

      All Uniques In The Map

      Start Item
      [IMG=expandable: 1]http://epvpimg.com/iouxc.png[/IMG]
      Start items are available for all of you, here we have
      • 25m gold
      • 10 reverse scrolls
      • 10 instant scrolls
      • Pet 28Day
      • 10 moving speeds
      • Avatar M/F
      • Devil Spirit M/F

      Auto equipment
      You get full sun +6 gears from 1st degree to 10th degree with full blues

      [IMG=expandable: 1]http://i.epvpimg.com/ChAwaab.jpg[/IMG]

      We have all kind of fun events happening on daily basis such as
      Taking a screenshot, capture a flashy, good looking picture

      Uniques, obviously you already know about this. There are int and str uniques spawned depending on your class

      Hide N Seek, find the event manager and get your reward

      PvP, all pvp lovers loves this and we got it for you
      For attending and winning any sort of event will be rewarded handsomely

      [IMG=expandable: 1]http://i.epvpimg.com/QQAAgab.jpg[/IMG]

      For all the new users who is joining us, will be rewarded which will help you with your fun and hopefully long journey with us. You have to contact us on our Facebook page, the link can be found in this topic.

      Thanks fo reading the topic and hopefully we will see each other in server to have alot of fun ​

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