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    Hello ladies and gentleman!
    Today we present our server, powered by Weekly-Sro we introduce you to Legendary, a lag-free server hosted on a strong machine.
    Basic Information:-
    Skill cap:440 )
    Races:CH / EU
    Main City:Jangan
    Start Item:-
    Disable Warrior Buff
    Disable Bard Buff
    Disable Black Ress / Str / Int
    Disable 2Skill From Force
    Alchemy :- Enabled
    BA :- Yes
    CTF :- Yes
    Fortress War :- Yes
    Egy B In NpC 1gold
    New Avatars
    New Uniques [Str] / [Int] Drop Global / Damage Scroll
    Fortress War Every Friday Jangan Only Register Started At 12:00PM To 6:00PM Fortress Started At 8:00PM To 9:30PM GMT +2
    Every Friday After Fortress War Arena Guild Reward For Winner To Each Player In 50Global &100zerk&50Speed& Title Name to Master Guild in ftw
    Remove Zerk Scroll From Game & Donate Only
    Change Reward CTF To 1Kill = 1Global
    New Trade System You Should Make a Trade 5* Only Trader Reward [ 50 ] Hunter Reward [ 20 ] Thief Reward [ 20 ]
    You Can't Do it In Same Ip You Will not Get Any Coin ..
    New icon For Arena Coin
    New Perfect Glow
    Normal Unique Each One Dropped 25Coin Like [ Tiger / UruChi / Isy .. Etc..]
    Mobs Lvl 109 Dropped Coin 1% Hard To Get it ^^
    Weekly-Coin Drob From Uniques ..
    Normal Uniques ..
    Alchemy !! Yes it`s Game PVP For Fun ..
    You Can Buy items EGY B +11 From NPC in Jangan .
    And Adv B Drop From Normal Uniques & Start items <3
    • Hide & Seek
    • PVP
    • Search & Destroy
    • Unique Spawn Events
    • Quiz’s
    • Guess the number





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